IJGA Fall Junior Elite Event

October 2, 2021

John Barney Junior Elite Events

The John Barney Junior Elite Events are named after John Barney, who along with his wife Jean Barney, helped found the IJGA. John and Jean served the IJGA for 23 years and were largely responsible for taking it from a fledgling organization to one of the most respected junior golf associations in the country. John served as IJGA President and became the first IJGA Executive Director in 1991. The impact of John and Jean Barney on the IJGA will be felt for years to come. John Barney passed away in 2017 and the John Barney Memorial Fund was created to support the John Barney Junior Elite Events, as he was especially fond of the younger IJGA members.

These events occur throughout the summer and fall and are two (2) day, 36-hole events.

These events are designed for the elite 10-15 year olds that are looking to keep their competitive tournament play going in 36-hole events throughout the season. Spectators will be allowed on the course for these events but must follow our spectator guidelines at all times.

The pairings order will be as follows...
Boys 12-15, Girls 12-15, Boys 10-11, Girls 10-11

Exact yardages will vary based on each golf course. The IJGA staff will set the individual IJGA tees each morning based on conditions and course setup. Listed below is the general range of yardage that we use for each division, but please visit the Contests section of this information page to find more specific yardages that the IJGA staff will base the yardages off each morning.

NOTE: The IJGA does not always use one set of course tees to play from for around, and will many times use the fairway to place tees, particularly for the younger divisions.

Boys 12-15 – 5,800-6,200 yards
Boys 10-11 – 5,000-5,400 yards
Girls 12-15 – 5,000-5,400 yards
Girls 10-11 - 4,400-4,800 yards

75-120 Players (Each event will vary)

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